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My name is Mandy Payne and I live in Chesterfield Derbyshire with my husband John  (known to some as Oz, due to his likeness to Jimmy Nail's character in Auf Wiedersehen Pet from the 1980's!!) 
I first had the idea for a mobile bar a couple of years ago and spent quite some time searching for what I wanted, and deciding how I wanted it to look. I came across an advert and the photos just 'spoke' to me. The advert was for Horse Box Trailer bar conversions but it was the styling I just loved; the use of reclaimed materials giving the trailer an ultra-trendy Industrial/Urban feel. 
That was the start really, everything after that just fell into place.
The name was a bit of a struggle if I'm honest! I didn't want to specialise in one particular drink as trends often change!
Names including types of drinks were therefore ruled out; making the hunt for a name increasingly difficult.
I was keen though to pay tribute to my late parents who had always 100% supported me in everything I did.
Their surname was Walker, and so ..... 'Walker's Bar' was born. 
Still keen not to limit our service to one speciality drink, I was however inspired by a friend who is Vegan. She was telling me how difficult socialising can be due to the confusion that surrounds Vegan friendly alcohol. She described how she very often ordered the same drink that she was confident with (especially when a bar or pub was busy!) and envied the seemingly endless choice that her non-vegan friends had. She described feeling very confused by the alcohol options open to her.
I was intrigued as well as motivated to learn more...
We are often joined by some or all of our children and/or their partners;
Elliott, Phoebe, Alex and Tom...….. its a real family enterprise and we love spending time together 
We look forward to speaking with you but for now check out our amazing transformation pictures below, and the rest of our website X

What an amazing journey so far ...

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